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War of 1812 – March 3

MR. EDITOR,  NO man can deprecate war more than I do.  It is certainly an evil, and an evil of no common magnitude. But it is not to be warded off by indolently deploring the miseries that attend it …  When they find that we are not inclined tamely to allow them to dispose of our persons and property … they will probably pause a little over this favourite project, and afford another proof of the soundness of that political maxim, that the most effectual way to keep war at a distance is to be prepared to meet it.     FALKLAND.

Read the full article in the Kingston Gazette of March 3, 1812, page 2, columns 3 and 4.

FALKLAND was the pen name of Richard Cartwright (1759-1815) who was also part-owner of the Kingston Gazette.  He was a prolific reader and writer, in spite of a severe deformity in his left eye—an intellectual with a photographic memory. Although he was born in Albany, he spoke out so passionately against the Americans that in 1778 his parents were ostracized and arrested, and their property was destroyed. Eventually he came to Cataraqui (Kingston), and married Laura Ingersoll’s sister-in-law, Magdalen Secord. They had eight children. During the War of 1812, Cartwright manufactured canvas for the British navy and wrote numerous articles for the Gazette under this  pseudonym.

Read more about Richard Cartwright in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography online.

Read or download the book The Life and Letters of the Late Hon. Richard Cartwright , edited by [his grandson] Rev. C.E. Cartwright, 1876,  from the Internet Archive.

Image:  A View of the Ruins of the Fort at Cataraqui (Kingston) in June 1783, by James Peachey. Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1989-217-1

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